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White & yellow gold rings using reclaimed diamonds

White & yellow gold rings using reclaimed diamonds

Whilst there are many pieces available through my Etsy shop as they are, I’m more than happy to adapt or add your spin, change of metal, texture or stone for example.

As a jeweller I’ve discovered that my passion is definitely bringing a piece of jewellery back to life.  I love to work on bespoke pieces, regenerating something that is possibly no longer worn or perhaps from a loved one.

Why Recycle?

Whilst I don’t sell my self as an ‘eco’ jeweller, I do try to use UK sourced reclaimed metal whenever possible & frequently reuse my customer’s gold & precious stones.   I can rework elements of gold into nugget settings for small diamonds & precious stones or form gold into Sweethearts.

I’ll happily reuse your precious metal & stones where possible.  For commissions involving complete remodelling, gold is refined into a workable medium such as sheet or wire by a UK based bullion refiner.

Whilst I can usually reuse your precious stones and diamonds, I’m always happy to source pre~loved diamonds.

How Much?

I like to keep my pricing transparent & give clear indication of costs early on in the process.  For guidance on costs for non-commissioned pieces, have a look at my Etsy shop.

Refined incurs a one off fee of £150 plus vat per medium (sheet or wire shape length)  This involves JUST your gold/silver being melted & reformed into a medium I can work with – I don’t always need to refine (pendants, heart forms etc) but I usually do for rings due to the specific measurements needed to get an accurate size.   

Colour or carat of gold is no problem but if you wanted a result of yellow & white wire – this would involve two lots of the refining fee.

If there is a specific design/idea that you have in mind, I can advise of a fabrication cost.  A good starting point is a photo & description (if you want to remodel) of what you would like remodelled & (if known) an idea of the design you are after!

Many factors make up the fabrication cost of a bespoke piece – complexity, refining or hallmarking costs, materials needed etc.

A no-obligation quote will be issued with a 30 day guarantee, after which it may be subject to change due to fluctuation in costs associated with material (metal & stones) or process (hallmarking, refining).  A deposit will secure a price.


Beyond fabrication, the time-scale can be dictated by outside factors such as stone sourcing, refining & hallmarking.   Up to 3 months should be allowed although often quicker.


My maker’s mark is registered with the Sheffield Assay Office & I am legally bound to have the following stamped or laser marked: silver pieces above 7.78g, gold (all carats) or palladium pieces above 1g &  platinum pieces above .5g


If you are interested feel free to contact me via the form below